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It was my good fortune to experience my first  Hot Air Balloon Flight Sept 8, 2005. I flew in the Balloon Yankee Sunrise - shown above- Owned and Piloted by John Outzen of Derry N.H.   USA.-- Flying at the same time  Ulric Fournier ( Ulie ) of Sussex N.B. piloted his  Red White & Blue Balloon - the one you see in the pictures below. We were accompanied in the air by Jim Rogers -my cousin & a Balloon Pilot - and on the ground by my sister Margot, and by more folks whose names escape me.  Floating several hundred feet above the ground - above the birds was great fun.


Morning Coffee - 6:45 AM - Looking for a Launch site - unpacking - set up - inflation -

 Lift off - & the view from the Baskett














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