Wednesday July 13 2011 we ( Monika & Me ) left home at 4AM to go to the Saint John Airport to begin our much anticipated trip to China.

Friends - Hoa & Tran Giang had invited us to visit & they would show us around. We flew to Toronto ( 2.5 hrs) & from Toronto  to Hong Kong (15.5 hours in the air ) & arrived at 1PM local time July 14.  We drove immediately in to Main Land China where we remained until July 30 , when we returned to Hong Kong Airport for our flight home.

The weather was very hot,  30+ every day , & very humid. My glasses & camera lenses fogged up every time I went outside -that threw me for a while & you will see some of that in the pictures. I did take a lot of pictures. There were some challenges. The heat & humidity already mentioned plus we had no control of the vehicle or schedule.  Many are shot from a moving bus or from behind a window - a  reflective sheet of glass.  I kept a lot of technically questionable shots because they illustrated for me an interesting aspect of life in the areas we visited.

As our hosts , our tour companions , & our environment were all Chinese  we were in total immersion. It was an incredible experience that we thoroughly enjoyed. Very different in many ways ; in other ways very familiar. Often what you see,  is a consumer society , driven very much as ours by trends , brands , & fashion. The food was  great & many of the meals were exceptional.  That is not to say we didn't appreciate the occasional taste of home , as some of the hotels offered bacon & eggs & coffee in the breakfast buffet.

Usually I present the photos in the order they were taken. I  thought for these pictures it might be more helpful to to group them by topic or location. Many choices are quite arbitrary as some photos  might legitimately belong in several groups.  Four pages are  devoted to pictures of people. You might find that these pictures are also informative about the various locations where they were taken. Monika is responsible for more than100 of the following  pictures.



                                                                                                     Index Page  China 2011

 Page 1  Tour Stops                                    Includes Changjiang Bridge , Pearls , Jade , Silk , Tea , Medicine, Temple & Tomb

 Page 2  Buddha                    Wuxi :-  Lingshan Buddhist Temple , Fountain , Restaurant & grounds

  Page 3  Temple                   Nanjing :- includes Confucius Fu Zi Temple  &  Jichang Garden

 Page 4  Shanghai                                             Shanghai:-  includes Nanjing Road Shopping at night and Old Town by day

Page  5  Tower                                           Shanghai:-  Shanghai's famous Oriental Pearl Tower & the city below at night

  Page 6 Garden                                                Suzhou :- Lingering Garden

 Page 7  Movie                                     Hengdian :- (Hollywood East)  Qin Dynasty Palace  Movie Set

 Page 8  Lake                                               Hangzhou: Includes stops at West Lake

Page 9  Song Dynasty Dance Show           Hangzhou: - Impressive Live Show with Hundreds of Actors / Singers / Dancers depicting Song Dynasty Stories

Page 10  Wuzhen Water Town                       Wuzhen:-  China's Venice - a 600 year old canal town

Page 10  Walled  City                                       Nanjing :-  Worlds oldest & largest city wall & Zhonghua Gate  from Ming Dynasty

Page 11  Huazhou                                                    Huazhou:-    Home town of Hoa's father - where we spent last 3 days of our trip

Page  12  Various                                                 Familiar Brands, Flowers, Flying , China

Page 13  Bicycles Scooters Umbrellas          Ubiquitous  - these stand out  in stark contrast to home

Page 14 , 15 , 16 , & 17  People                       Look @ me - Me - Monika - Hoa - Tran(Jenny) - Friends -acquaintance Tour Companions , Strangers

Page 18  & 19  Shops & Shopping             It is a retail World

Page 20  Streets & Highways                               Streets & Highways - need I say more - most pictures in this group are shot from a moving vehicle

Page 21  Food  Restaurants  Hotels                We had to eat sometime

Page 22  Buildings                                                       mostly in passing - from the buss - or from the hotel

Page 23  Drive By                                                          as seen at 100Km/hr

Page 24  Construction  & Local Life                   Building everywhere & a look at everyday life

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