Running for $
6 Minutes on Crown Street

It was 10:10 AM Sunday June 11th when I looked out my window on to Crown Street to see a stream of people running past. I do not know why they were running this Sunday morning. Possibly it was a competitive event but in recent times it seems more likely that many of these folk were raising money for  charity. As I watched I preferred to think that charity & generosity were fuelling the action. Not being a runner I am impressed by the effort.  It is encouraging in a world with much to be fixed that many are prepared to contribute to the fixing.

The following pictures were all taken in the 6 minute period 10:12 to 10:18. More runners came before and more after. Only one runner I think noticed the camera. I did not try to capture portraits of individual runners but was more interested in the idea of running for charity , in the spirit and motion of running, in the diversity of runners.

I set my camera to a fairly slow shutter speed - 1/80th second at first - 1/20th second later to emphasize the motion. Most are full frame, shot at the equivalent 35mm focal length of 105mm.













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