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From the Digital Diversions guide .

    We live in a wonderful and awesome world. As children we experience this repeatedly with new WOW! discoveries around every new corner. Indulging, & encouraging the child within, I find beauty every day. Much of this is in the simple colours, patterns, lines, curves, and form of the familiar. Perhaps in the noisy shout of the sun rising over water, in the quiet whisper of folds in a paper tissue, in the gentle drumming of repetitive patterns from wicker chairs, picket fences, Venetian blinds, or in the ribald love song of an autumn rose. 

    I do see pictures everywhere I look. I suspect that many people do. The trick if there is one is to point the camera and make the exposure. Hopefully some of my pictures will reflect my awe at being alive and sighted, my WOW experience. I am often most pleased with simple photos - when there is  little included that doesn’t contribute. It is a way for the camera to imitate what we do naturally when we look at things. Our mind filters out the distractions - we see a sunset and miss the telephone poles. 

    I have been taking photographs for  40 + years. I got my first camera in high school and had a darkroom set up in my grandmother's basement not long after.  

    Since then my photographic activity has waxed and waned many times, but I have always had cameras, and always came back to them. 

    August 2001 , I sold all of my old gear and bought a new digital camera .The attraction to digital was in the exceptional quality now available and in the ability to perform the post exposure processing with a computer. No smelly chemicals, no time consuming clean up. A new toy, many thousand exposures later and I am still learning to use it.  


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